Hardlines Digest has a subscriber base of over 2600 hardware industry members, and messages go out several times each day. It's the perfect forum to reach some of the most active and progressive hardware retailers in the world. Your sponsorship will help support the continuing maintenance of the list (server hardware, internet connectivity, software upgrades) and allow you to get your name is front of thousands of hardware industry members each and every day of the year.

Sponsorship of Hardlines gets you a one line message in every email message as well as a web page link on the pages of the Hardlines Digest website (look to the right of this page for examples).  You get an "exclusive" sponsorship within your particular industry...if you manufacturer widgets and sign up as a sponsor we won't sign up your competitor.  We also limit the total number of sponsors to ten to try and keep the "clutter" level down. (NOTE: As of June 2011 we have ten sponsors).

Sponsorship is for one year and costs $300.  If you calculate an average of three messages per day on hardlines times 2600 subscribers, that works out to over 2 million potential impressions per year. If you are interested in sponsoring Hardlines please email me and I'll provide further details..

Thanks in advance for your support!

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